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Detailed Product Description
Screw Design: Twin Screw Extruder Plastic Type: Recycling Pet Bottle Flake
Application: Pet Bottle Flake Less Than 20mm Output: 1000-1500kg/h
Pelletizer: 15kw Screw Diameter: 132mm
L/D: 36:1 Vacuum: 8.5kw
1000kg/h Pet Flake Recycling Machine Twin Screw Plastic Extruder PET Pelletizing Machine  
Nanjing Yongjie started to make water strand twin screw extruder pelletizing machine since 2001,our twin screw extruders are widely used for enforcing modification, degradab le master batch, anti-flame master batch etc.   Water strand plastic pelletizing machine application Reinforcement and modification: filling glass fiber or carbon fiber for :PP, PA, PBT, ABS, AS, POM, PPS, PET etc. Compounding and blending: PC+ABS, PA,+ABS, PP+EPDM, PA+EPDM, PP+SBS, etc. Filling modification: filling Caco3, Talc, Titanium, carbon black for PVC, PE, PP,EVA etc. Cable material: LDE, HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, drive pipe, insulation material, crosslinking material, cable coating material, thermal contraction material etc. Special application material: PPR pipe compounds, PE crosslinking tube material, cigarettes filter tip material, acetable fiber material etc. Thick color masterbatch: PE, ABS, PS, EVA, PET, PP+ pigment + additives, etc. Flaming retarding material: PVC, PP, PA, ABS, EVA, PBT + fire retardant, etc Special functional masterbatch: double protection masterbatch, antistatic masterbatch, anti-bacteria masterbatch, thermal insulation masterbatch, hypothermia material etc The biodegradable masterbatch: PP, PE, PS+ starch + additives etc.   Quick details of the machine Screw diameter:132mm Power:355kw Barrel&screw material:W6Mo5Cr4V2 high speed tool steel L/D:36:1 Length of barrel:360*9 section=3240mm Special screw array with wear shear of flake material, super power vacuum system to reduce IV loss maximumly. Safety Clutch: Connected gearbox with motor to transmit power. High safety coupling with torque limit. When beyond setting torque, it will slip off to stop the machine running as a way to protect it. Transmission gear: parallel tri-axial structure is combination of reduction and matrix. The gear is made of high quality alloy (20CrNi2Mo). It had been treated by cementation heat process, and the precision grade can reach 6th. It guarantees the tooth surface is high speed, low noise and high torque. Torque level up to 10.3 N.m/cm3 Drive bearing: Japanese NSK. Lubrication: Gear bearings in the gear box will be of oil immersed. There is hydraulic lubrication in the gear engagement and gear bearings. One temperature sensor: if the oil temperature more than 60 degrees Celsius, the extruder will stop automatically. One pressure sensor: if the oil pressure less than 0.2 MPA, the extruder will stop automatically. One pressure indicator meter for the operator to see the pressure easily. Cooling: Lubricated cooling adopts shell and tube cooler and circulated water cooling method. Fin-plate heat exchanger for good cooling One vane pump to make less noise Input/output rotary speed:1480/300 rpm   Scope of supply:
No. Contents Unit Quantity Marks
1 Screw feeding machine set 1 2.2kw
2 Twin screw extrusion system set 1  
2.1 Feeding system with forced feeder set 1 4kw,3kw
2.2 SJ-135Twin screw extruder set 1 355kw,36:1
2.3 Melt pump set 1 30kw
2.4 Vacuum venting system set 1 3+5.5+11kw
2.5 Water cycling system set 1 3kw
2.6 Automatic hydraulic screen changer set 1 2.2kw
3 Electric cabinet set 1 SIEMENTS PLC+HMI
4 Water strand auxiliary system set 1  
4.1 Die head set 1  
4.2 Water trough set 1 5M, 11kw
4.3 Pelletizer set 1 15KW
4.4 Centrifugal dehydrator set 1 11kw
4.5 Vibrator set 1 0.9kw
4.6 One stage air transmission system set 1 5.5kw
5 Spare parts set 1  
6 Documents set 1  
Photo of 1000-1500kg/h Pet Twin Screw Plastic Extruder PET Pelletizing Machine
  Company Brief Nanjing Yongjie Qixin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd Founded in 2001, covers an area of 20,000 square meters on our own land, with monthly output of machine 20sets. Our factory is certificated to CE, ISO9001:2008.The company concentrates on research, development and production of “high level, accurate, highly sophisticated series product parallel co-rotating “cordwood” twin screw extruder, single screw extruder, two stage extruders and automatic plastic pelletizing machines. We have provided customers first-class products with “strong torque, high production, energy conservation and environmental protection products. The special designed screw structure has realized successfully for “one step shaping” on many kinds of products, and is widely used in aluminum composite plate, XPS foaming plate, WP plate, PP, PE sheet industry, etc. QAULITY IS PUT AT THE FIRST , and our factory is certificated to ISO 9001:2008 and CE.