Automatic Single Screw Extrusion Machine , Waste Plastic Granulator Machine

Detailed Product Description
Screw Design: Single Screw Extruder Application: PE PP PVC PA Recycling Material Etc
Cutting Way: Water Ring Die Face Screw Diameter: 60mm
Motor: 25kw Capacity: 30-80kg Per Hour
Material: 38CrMoAIA Central Height Of Screw: 900 Mm
30-80kg/h YD70 Single Screw Extruder Machine Waste Plastic Granulator Factory Characteristic of Yongjie single screw extruder 1.High precision gear box with ability of over loading, smooth transmitting, lower noise 2.Newly designed barrel and screw to ensure well-distributed of material in melting, low melt temperature and high production 3.The screw is made with standard and high precision during process. After treated by gases and nitride the barrel, it possesses strong wear- and corrosion- resisting. For special material, double metals are available for barrel etc. 4.The barrels cooled by lower with super mute working status, less maintenance 5.PID temperature is controlled by Japan temperature control meter with stable and accurate temperature. 6.Two type of die head design: manual and hydraulic type for easy changing and time saving. 7.ABB or other famous brand Inverter speed control for more stable and good performance of machine and easier operation   Main technical parameter of YD-60 production line
  1. The machine L/D=33:1
  2. Screw diameter: ¢70mm;
  3. Screw material:38CrMoALA,
  4. Barrel material: 38CrMoALA;
  5. Central height of the screw:900 mm;
  6. Length of the barrel: 1860 mm
  7. Heat-resistant capacity of heat sensor in main machine:0-500℃
  8. Main motor power: 15kw;
  9. Input rotating speed: 1480 rpm;
  10. Output rotating speed: 90 rpm;
  11. Heating power: 22KW;
  12. The output : around 30- 50kg/h, (It can be changed according to different materials and technique)

     Photo of single screw extruder plastic pellet mahcine               

    Main technical data of various model of single screw extruder palstic pelleitizing machine

Model type Screw Diameter (mm) Screw L/D Main motor power(Kw) screw speed n(r/min) Typical production capacity (kg/h)
YD-30 30 25-33 4/5.5 3-100 2-15
YD-45 45 20-32 5.5/7.5 5-84 5-40
YD-60 60 20-32 17.5/22 5-84 15-80
YD-90 90 20-33 30/37 5-84 25-120
YD-100 100 20-33 37/45 5-84 45-150
YD-120 120 20-33 45/55 5-84 75-200
YD-150 150 20-33 75/90 5-84 150-300
YD-180 180 20-33 90/132 5-84 200-400
YD-200 200 20-33 110/160 5-84 250-500
  Company Brief Nanjing Yongjie Qixin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd Founded in 2001, covers an area of 20,000 square meters on our own land, with monthly output of machine 20sets. Our factory is certificated to CE, ISO9001:2008. The company concentrates on research, development and production of “high level, accurate, highly sophisticated series product parallel co-rotating “cordwood” twin screw extruder, single screw extruder, two stage extruders and automatic plastic pelletizing machines. We have provided customers first-class products with “strong torque, high production, energy conservation and environmental protection products. The special designed screw structure has realized successfully for “one step shaping” on many kinds of products, and is widely used in aluminum composite plate, XPS foaming plate, WP plate, PP, PE sheet industry, etc. QAULITY IS PUT AT THE FIRST , and our factory is certificated to ISO 9001:2008 and CE. 

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