Hot Cutting Double Screw WPC Extruder Machine 400-500kg/H Capacity Long Span Life

Detailed Product Description
Plastic Type: PP/PE/PVC/POM Etc+wood Fiber Warranty: One Year
Color Of Machine: Any Color Available Barrel Diameter: 71.8mm
Screw & Barrel Material: W6Mo5Cr4V2 Motor: 160kw
Cutting Type: Air Cooling Hot Cutting Capacity: 400-500kg/h
WPC Filler Masterbatch Hot Cutting Double Screw WPC Extruder Machine
 Air Cooling Die Face PVC Pelletizing Machine Application Enforcing modification: PE, EVA etc+Caco3, Talc, Tio2, PVC, PP, Carbon black Degradable master batch: PE, PS etc. + starch, additive etc Anti-flake master batch: PE, EVA etc+Sb2o3, Mg(OH)2, AI2(OH)3 etc.  Quick details of machine 1. Gearbox Transmission gear: Parallel tri-axial structure is combination of reduction and matrix. The gear is made of high quality alloy. It had been treated by cementation heat process, the precision grade can reach6th. It guarantees the tooth surface is high speed, overloading, low noise and high torque. Drive bearing: The brand of axletree: NSK. Lubrication: Gear bearings in the gear box will be of oil immersed. There is hydraulic lubrication in the gear engagement and gear bearings. Cooling: Lubricated cooling adopts shell and tube cooler and circulated water cooling method. 2. Screw & Barrel Diameter:71mm L/D:40:1 Direction of rotation: Co-rotating Screw & elements: 38CrMoAlA, surface nitrogen treated, HV = 950 ~ 1100. Using special CNC grinding machine for screw, after dedicated grinding, its curve fit and surface finish is much better than screw elements treated by conventional processing method Core axle: High quality alloy steel 40CrNiMo that with high tenacity and durability. It had been treated by the hardening and tempering process. 1). Diameter: 71.8mm 2). Structure: The first section works for main feeding, the fifth section is set up for venting naturally, and the ninth section is set up for vacuum venting and others are blocked. 3). Material: 38CrMoAlA, surface nitrogen treated, HV = 950 ~ 1100. 4). Heating: Adopt multiple step format electric heating. The first and the second zone and the machine head zone are cast copper heater and others are cast aluminum heater. The total heating power is 60kw and the max heating capacity every section can reach 500℃. 5). Cooling: Adopt soft water cooling system in the barrel and tap water cooling way outside barrel. The circulation pipes are made of stainless steel and the water inflow regulating valves are stainless valves. The brand of electromagnetic valve is DANFOSS. 6) Length:290*10=2900mm
No. Contents Unit Quantity Marks
1 Twin screw extrusion system set 1  
1.1 Feeding system set 1 1.5kw
1.2 SJ-75B Twin screw extruder set 1 160kw, 40:1
1.3 Water cycling system set 1 0.55kw
2 Electric cabinet set 1  
3 Air-cooling auxiliary system set 1  
3.1 Die head set 1  
3.2 Face cutter set 1 1.5kw
3.3 Two-stage conveying system set 1 4kw/set, 8kw totally
3.4 Product silo set 1 4kw
4 Documents set 1  
 Free spare parts:
No. Contents Unit Quantity Marks
1 Screw elements set ~500mm  
2 Output and input shaft oil seals piece 3  
3 Venting room seal ring piece 1  
4 Asbestos gloves pairs 2  
5 Allen key (inner) set 1 5 pieces
6 Allen key (outer) set 1 3 pieces
7 Flat, Cross Screw driver piece 1 each 2 pieces
8 Copper bar ∮32*200 piece 1  
9 Screw hoisting ring piece 2  
10 Blade piece 30  
   Main models of our twin screw extruder
Model type Series Barrel Diameter (mm) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw L/D screw speed n(r/min) Main motor power(Kw) Screw torque T(N.m) Torque rating (T/A3) Typical production capacity (kg/h)
SJSL-36 A/B/C/D 36 35.6 32-48 400/600 11/15/18.5/22 125-225 4.6-8.3 30-120
SJSL-51 A/B/C/D 51 50.5 32-52 500/600 45/55/75/90 405-680 5.1-8.5 120-400
SJSL-65 A/B/C/D 63 62.4 32-64 500/600 75/90/110/132 680-1200 4.8-8.5 180-750
SJSL-75 A/B/C/D 72 71 32-64 500/600 110/132/160/250 995-1890 4.6-8.7 300-1200
SJSL-95 A/B/C/D 94 93 32-64 500/600 250/315/450/550 2260-4510 4.7-8.7 700-2500
SJSL-135 A/B/C/D 135 133 32-48 400/500 550/750/900/1200 6200-10800 4.4-7.7 1550-6500
 1. Are you a factory or trading company?  Both.  2. Where is your factory located? How can I visit there? Our factory is located in industrial centralized area of Moling town, Jiangning, Nanjing, China. (1) You can fly to Nanjing Airport directly. We will pick you up on Nanjing Lukou International airport; (2) You can fly to Shanghai Pudong International Airport then come to Nanjing by High-speed railway, then we will pick you up in the railway station.  3. What's your advantages? (1) Excellent quality control (2) First-class service (3) Professional Tech. and R&D team (4) Quick manufacturing time (5) Quite competitive price  4. How long is the delivery time? Under normal conditions, products are delivered within 35 days.  5. How can I know the stauts of my order? We will send you photos and videos of your order at different satge in time and keep you informed of the latest information.  6. How long is the warranty? We can offer one-year warranty for the whole machine. 

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