ABB Inverter Water Ring Pelletizer Twin Screw Extruder One Year Warranty

Detailed Product Description
Screw Design: Twin Screw Extruder Application: PE,PP Etc+caco3 Filling
Warranty: One Year Lead Time: 30 Working Days After Deposit
Screw Diameter: 50.5mm Screw & Barrel Material: W6Mo5Cr4V2
Motor: 45kw Capacity: 100-250kg/h
ABB Inverter Water Ring Pelletizer Twin Screw Extruder One Year Warranty
  Water Ring Pelletizer Application: 1. PE, Eva etc + Caco3, talk, Tio92, filling modification and carbon black etc. 2. LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE,MDPE, drivepipe, insulation material, crosslinking material, cable coating material, thermal contraction pipe material etc. 3. PPR pipe compounds, PE crosslinking tube material, TPR, TPU thermoplastic elastomer, EVA and hot melt adhesive etc. 4. PE, ABS, PS, EVA masterbatch etc. 5. ABS, EVA flaming retarding masterbatch etc. 6. PE, PP, PS filling and biodegradable masterbatch, etc.   Quick details of sjsl36 water ring pelletizer Screw diameter:35.6mm Screw material:W6Mo5Cr4V2 Barrel diameter:36mm Barrel material:W6Mo5Cr4V2 Motor power:15kw Motor brand: SIEMENS L/D:44:1 Output:30-80kg/h 1). Diameter: ¢51mm, 2). Structure: The first section works for main feeding, the fifth section is set up for venting naturally and the tenth section is set up for vacuum venting and others are blocked. 2). Material: The material of the barrel is made of 38CrMoAl nitriding steel. 3). Heating: Adopt multiple step format electric heating. The first and the second zone and the machine head zone are cast copper heater and others are cast aluminum heater. The total heating power is 28kw and the max heating capacity every section can reach 500 ℃. 4). Cooling: Adopt soft water cooling system in the barrel and tap water cooling way outside barrel. The circulation pipes are made of stainless steel and the water inflow regulating valves are stainless valves. The brand of electromagnetic valve is DANFOSS. 5)Length:190*11=2090mm   Scope of supply of sjsl36 water ring pelletizer
No. Contents Unit Quantity Marks
1 100L high speed mixer set 1  
2 Twin screw extrusion system set 1  
2.1 Feeding system set 1 0.75kw
2.2 SJ-51 Twin screw extruder set 1 45kw, 44:1
2.3 Vacuum venting system set 1 1.5kw
2.4 Water cycling system set 1 0.55kw
2.5 Automatic screen changer set 1 1.5kw
3 Electric cabinet set 1  
4 Water-ring auxiliary system set 1  
4.1 Water-ring die head set 1  
4.2 Face cutter with guide rail & cover set 1 1.5KW
4.3 Centrifugal dehydrator set 1 4KW
4.4 Vibrating sieve set 1 0.4KW
4.5 Storage bin set 1  
5 Documents set 1  
  Photo of machine   Main Technical Details of Plastic Pelletizing Machine Models
Model type Series Barrel Diameter (mm) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw L/D screw speed n(r/min) Main motor power(Kw) Screw torque T(N.m) Torque rating (T/A3) Typical production capacity (kg/h)
SJSL-36 A/B/C/D 36 35.6 32-48 400/600 11/15/18.5/22 125-225 4.6-8.3 30-120
SJSL-51 A/B/C/D 51 50.5 32-52 500/600 45/55/75/90 405-680 5.1-8.5 120-400
SJSL-65 A/B/C/D 63 62.4 32-64 500/600 75/90/110/132 680-1200 4.8-8.5 180-750
SJSL-75 A/B/C/D 72 71 32-64 500/600 110/132/160/250 995-1890 4.6-8.7 300-1200
SJSL-95 A/B/C/D 94 93 32-64 500/600 250/315/450/550 2260-4510 4.7-8.7 700-2500
SJSL-135 A/B/C/D 135 133 32-48 400/500 550/750/900/1200 6200-10800 4.4-7.7 1550-6500

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